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SDE is working with the top solar developers in the USA.

2020: Madison Area Technical College

Madison College’s $180,000 solar project at the Reedsburg campus is now finished. Renewable Energy Program Director Ken Walz told the Reedsburg Times-Press the project will not only save the college about $20,000 a year in electricity costs, it will also be a learning tool for students in renewable energy and related fields such as architecture, construction, engineering, electrical apprenticeship, industrial maintenance and environmental science.  

Dr. Walz says the Reedsburg campus is the fourth renewable energy system completed as part of the college’s “Solar Roadmap.” Another set of solar panels is being installed at the Fort Atkinson campus. 

SDE 2020: Jonesville, SC 220KW Post Driven System

North Carolina: 220KW Project

JONESVILLE, SC: SDE supported the engineering, manufacturing, and installation of a 220KW Ground Mount System in South Carolina.

The Michigan-based company has supported many agricultural installations with Quality Solar throughout the Mid-West, but this was their first project in South Carolina.

This project presented many complex challenges. Mainly, the space restrictions between the barns to limit shadowing, while also avoiding the exhaust fans, which can blow dust on the modules. We chose to install this system with a 6ft leading edge. This required us to reduce the post spacing and manufacture custom sized Z-Purlins with additional adjustment points.

“We plan on helping more farmers reduce their electricity costs while also helping the environment”


Renewable Energy Systems

FEB 2020: Kendallville, IN 500KW Ballasted Roof Mount System

CLC 500KW Roof Mount

KENDALLVILLE, IN — Visitors may not notice one major asset of the CLC. In fact, they’ll probably never see it. On top of the roof, more than 1,200 solar panels were installed by Renewable Energy Systems.

“The solar system at CLC is a grid-tie, which means extra power generated during peak sun hours goes back to the electric company as a credit,” Hesher said. “The credits are essentially used to offset the electricity used at night and during the winter months.”

Eric Hesher (CEO), said solar panel projects like these typically pay for themselves in energy savings in six to 10 years. And with a typical lifespan of about 30 years for this project, Hesher said, that’s a cost savings that will last decades.


GENMOUNTS Renewable Energy Holdings

OCT 2019: Lawrenceville, NJ 1.2MW Carport System

Municipal Carport Project

The Lawrence Township projects symbolically shows the town’s commitment to sustainable energy. In addition to this program, they have received grant funding for the installation of two electric car charging stations at the municipal building, one for public use and one for municipal operations, and for the purchase of an electric vehicle.

The solar roof mount and carport systems at our municipal building will take care of 85% of our energy costs. That building, with all the police department’s electronics and communications equipment, uses a huge amount of energy. It’s pretty significant and will save us around $40,000/year.

Continental Electric Construction Company (CECCO)

SEP 2019: Freeport IL, 500KW Ground Mount

Walnut Acres Project

The Walnut Acres’ Foundations 500KW solar project will produce clean, renewable solar power for the Walnut Acres Nursing Center.

Planned, funded and executed by the Stephenson Nursing Center Foundation, the field is expected to produce approximately 68% of the Nursing Center’s electricity needs.

The 500KW Ground Mount has been constructed with a new emergency generator. Additionally, the enjoyment of the facility by our residents has been greatly enhanced by the Foundation’s financial support.

Renewable Energy Systems LLC

AUG 2019: Plymouth IN, 500KW Ground Mount

Ancilla College Project

Ancilla college has officially made the switch to solar power thanks to a new solar installation on campus that is comprised of 1,502 panels across three locations. Solar panels will now create about 70% of the power needed to run the college’s buildings each year. 

According to the college, the new solar installation will save the institution over $100,000 during the first year that its in operation.


AUG 2019: Kent County, MD, 500KW Ground Mount

Poultry Farm Project

Solar-Powered Poultry (Kent County): Pumping the water and circulating the air necessary to maintain a modern poultry house requires a lot of electricity. At Rusty Rooster Farm in Worton, farmer Jeff Pettitt is installing solar panels to offset his farm’s high energy bills. It’s a step that many poultry farmers are taking to reduce ongoing costs and environmental impact, bringing steady business to Sunrise Solar. The Chestertown-based solar company has done many agricultural installations throughout the region to help farmers reduce their electricity costs while also helping the environment

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